Squat toilets

Add to the list of things Americans would poo-poo (a bad pun and I haven’t even gotten started yet) if only they knew about them—squat toilets. I recently learned about this phenomenon, and my previous ignorance embarrasses and saddens me.

To the uninformed, the squat toilet appears to be a large floor drain. Some even look like bassinets built right into the ground for maximum convenience for both Mom and baby. But do not be fooled—these receptacles are for human waste and human waste alone.

The position required by the squat toilet seems to significantly reduce the strain that’s involved in defecating. Some sites I’ve read also say it’s more hygienic, but I’m not fully convinced of that.

Now, some visual delights.




























Post to come: My unabashed love for bidets.


Sources: http://www.banterist.com/archivefiles/images/squat-toilet.jpg, http://www.naturesplatform.com/images/rb3.gif, http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/archive/2010/08/1_123125_2093564_2243695_2264310_100826_sci_squattn.jpg


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