I experienced a moment of tech fatigue today when I read this in Shelf Awareness: “‘Do you hate turning your neck sideways to read book titles at libraries and bookstores? Or scrunching down as well to view lower shelves?’ If you answered yes to those questions, the ShelfLook iPhone app may be just what you’re looking for. It is designed to allow users to hold an iPhone horizontally and read titles on the screen.”

This means there are individuals who are so fed up with moving their necks that they’re going to download this app and pull out their phones every time they’re reading the spines in a bookstore instead of just slightly repositioning one, maximum two, body parts for a short time.

I’m not going to go on ad nauseam about how the existence of this type of app is what’s wrong with our society today . . . but it is pretty ridiculous, wouldn’t you say?


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